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With the help of their families, we turn above average children

into exceptional leaders.

The School of the Seven Sages is a private hybrid home school program. Students spend 2.5 days per week at school where they study a classical curriculum taught by licensed teachers serving as tutors. The balance of the week is spent at home learning under their parents' guidance. 


Parents know their children best, and love them more than anyone. They have the most interest in their child's success and should, therefore, take an active and instrumental role in their education. Our private hybrid homeschool approach empowers parents with the tools, skills, support and infrastructure necessary to raise wise children ready to succeed in the world of tomorrow.



The School of the Seven Sages was established to return the broad level of education in the USA to levels from whence it has fallen. We seek to restore the manner, methods, and curricula used in schools to their classical roots where wisdom is taught and desired over knowledge.

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