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Admission Process


Thank you for your interest in the School of the Seven Sages! The following are the steps in the admission process.


  1. Explore the School of the Seven Sages' philosophy, mission and values.  Parents are encouraged to review the details about the School of the Seven Sages on our website and to speak with a teacher or administrator prior to applying. If both parties see the model in general, and the school in particular, as the best possible opportunity for the child, complete an application.

  2. ApplyDownload the application, complete it, and return it to the school. 

  3. Schedule optional testing.

  4. Schedule a family interview. During the interview any further questions you might have will be personally answered. How the school best serves your family's needs will be discussed. School expectations of parent and child will be clarified. Each parent, and all children applying to the School of the Seven Sages must be present for the interview. 

  5. Letter of acceptance. Based upon all the items included with the application, the family interview, and available space at the school, the school will either approve or deny your application for that school year. You will receive a notification letter that will either state that the student(s) has been accepted for enrollment, has been accepted but placed on the waiting list, or has not been accepted. 

  6. After acceptance, and prior to the first day of school, parents must submit immunizations records (or waiver), emergency contact information, parent-teacher-student pledge, name and photo release form, creative work release form, and other relevant documents.


Items required for admission:

  • A completed application

  • Non refundable application fee of $150

  • Two (2) recent letters of recommendation

  • Copies of the most recent 2 years report cards (if applicable)

  • A small portfolio of the student's work

  • Reservation fee of $2,500 (credited towards tuition)

  • Optional: Score for the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (5th edition) OR the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) version V.


Only applications that are complete and contain all the required items will be processed.


Admission Criteria

  • Parents must be willing to cooperate with school policies including, but not limited to, the media policy and dress code.

  • Parents must understand their role as the ultimate teaching authority for their children. The School of the Seven Sages provides support for parents in educating their children, but it is not meant to be the primary source for educating a child.  Parents must be engaged and actively involved in their child's education.

  • Parents must agree to abide by state home schooling laws by ensuring their child has 180 days (or more) of 4+ hours of educational instruction per school year, completing state required forms, tracking attendance and other required items.

  • All children must demonstrate academic and developmental readiness.

  • Older children must demonstrate a desire to learn as evidenced by their attitude during the interview, recent grades, recommendation letters, and work portfolio.

  • Students must demonstrate readiness for the rigor of the School of the Seven Sages by their recent grades, test scores and work ethic.

  • Students should be gracious to their family, and thankful for all their parents are doing to provide them with the best education possible. This includes being respectful to parents but also being respectful to school staff. It also means respecting the rules of the home and the rules of the school.

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