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"Classical education is sometimes called “leadership education” because it builds skills needed for leadership: logic, debate, public speaking, clear reasoning, researching, writing, and communicating. These skills are practiced in every subject (math, science, history, geography, Latin, fine arts, and more), which prepares students to become leaders in any field they pursue."

-- Leigh A. Bortins


In a rapidly changing world, the skills of learning, problem solving, and leadership are significantly more important than content or specific knowledge. This is why we include leadership and business studies for students at every level. Younger students learn about money, basic accounting, economics, and public speaking. Older students continue their study in these topics plus they add valuable experience leading younger students during study hall, operating a mock business, and serving on a debate team. Students at all levels continually study biographies of great leaders and learn about their virtues and struggles. At the School of the Seven Sages, the cultivation of leaders is not an after thought - rather, it is planned, intentional, and incorporated into everything we do.

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