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Our Families

With the help of their families, we turn above average children into exceptional leaders


Whether they realize it or not, all parents home school.  The question is not whether a family should home school, but rather to what degree they choose to home school.


Families are the most important aspect of the School of the Seven Sages. We believe that parents know their children best, and love them more than anyone. Parents have the most interest in their children’s' success and should, therefore, take an active and instrumental role in the education of those children. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6  We believe this training (or education) has been the responsibility of parents (NOT governments) since time immemorial. The School of the Seven Sages exists only as a means to assist you, the parent, in training your child from an educational perspective. Reading the volume of sacred law a little further, Proverbs 24:3-4 reveals the best approach to education: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Following this approach to education (known as the Trivium) has worked for ages. We are here to assist you in providing a timeless education to your children and thus give them the necessary tools for a lifetime of success.


This is NOT to say that the School of the Seven Sages is a religious organization. Quite the contrary. The school does not have any religious agenda and does not support any particular religious dogma. We believe religion is paramount in the development of children, stewards, citizens, and leaders. However, like educational training, religious training is also ultimately the responsibility of parents. While the School of the Seven Sages exists to help parents with educational training, we do not offer religious advice or training. Other organizations are far better suited to assist you in that area. Nonetheless, it is imperative that parents train their children in their own religion because religion is a moral law. Moral law is required as a foundation to define truth. Without a concept of moral truth, their cannot be civilized law and thus civil society. Our school is NOT to infringe upon this right – this obligation – of the parent. Rather, we will support and nurture it anyway possible during the educational enlightenment of children.


Freedom has always been a grass roots movement beginning with how families raise and educate their children. By instilling the beliefs of virtue and liberty in our children we are creating a better society for tomorrow - from the ground up. We recommend all parents considering the School of the Seven Sages, regardless of their religious affiliation, watch the movie, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure. It explains “why” families must play a role in the education of children. It demonstrates core beliefs that are paramount in the duties we owe to ourselves, our family, our neighbors, our country, and the duties we owe to God.



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Family comments coming soon.

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