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Our Values


Mission Statement: "With the help of their families, we turn above average children into exceptional leaders."


Business Philosophy:  Return the broad level of education in the USA to levels from whence it has fallen by returning the manner, methods, and curricula used in schools to their classical roots where wisdom is taught and desired over knowledge.


Key Differentiators:

  • The hybrid approach requires that families must play an instrumental role in educating their children a few days per week.

  • The classical model returns education to the methods used when an American education was the best in the world.

  • Breakfast is included with tuition (2 days per week). Students focus better when they have a stomach full of nutritious food.

  • Leadership training is designed into the structure and curriculum.

  • Classes are mixed aged by level: Grammar (grades 1-4), Logic (grades 5-8), and Rhetoric (grades 9-12).

  • The school year is 42 weeks long (6 weeks longer than most schools). This means the students are able to stay in a rhythm for more of the school year. It also means parents don't have to find something for their children to do during those extra 6 weeks.

  • Teachers stay with a class for 4 years (by level). This builds stronger bonds between all the students in the classroom and with the teacher.

  • We are small and our students are not just a number to be shuffled along to the next year.


… and there are many more for you and your family to discover…..



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