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Government education gets it wrong again!

Unfortunately government education has gotten it all wrong... again! Recently, Georgia just announced a new STEM charter school which, among other things, will " help in relieving our overcrowded schools in the Atlanta area." See They go on to discuss how computers will replace individualized student attention by a live teacher, and how students will begin computer programming in Kindergarten!!! What makes them think that any computer skills a student learns in kindergarten -- especially programming --- will be useful 17+ years from now when the child graduates college? Think about the state of technology 17 years ago and how much it has changed. Many have pointed out that this change is only accelerating. At the expense of our children and their education, government schools seem to be changing from a model designed around creating factory workers to a model focused on creating programmers tied to a machine. We should be creating children that are creative; that know how to solve problems; that can be successful in any career of their own choosing; and that understand machines should be made to work for people (not the other way around). The classical model has been nurturing creative problem solvers for over 2000 years - it has stood the test of time. My children will be learning Latin and Greek as a means to structured thought and virtue. They will be studying the abacus as a way to employ mental math and develop the mind. They will be exploring nature from both a Newtonian and Goethean science perspective. They will have a love of learning, an admiration for wisdom, and a desire for virtue. I strongly encourage you to seek the same for your children and forego another bureaucratic error called a STEM charter school. Our future depends on our children and thus on their education. The society of tomorrow will be dictated by the choices made today. Choose wisely!

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