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Study Hall


In accordance with the customs of one room school houses of the past, all students enrolled at the School of the Seven Sages are required to regularly attend Friday afternoon study hall. Study hall time is important for many reasons. First, it provides students with extra time to finish work that they were unable to complete during the course of the week. This allows students more freedom to enjoy their play time away from school without being burdened by the thought of homework. Second, if their work is complete, it allows them some quiet focused time to pursue independent study about something they recently learned, and about which they desire to know more. Third, and perhaps most importantly, it is a prime opportunity for leadership experience. Not only is study hall required, but so too is taking a leadership role during this time. Older students are required to seek out a younger student in study hall and assist them with their studies. This may simply be reciting a song to help with memory work, or it may be more complex assistance like guiding the younger student towards an idea for an essay. By finding someone less experienced to help, listening to their struggle, and working with them towards a solution, valuable leadership skills are gained and nurtured.  Teacher proctors are on site to ensure an orderly study hall period, but students are encouraged to work amongst themselves to solve their own problems.

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