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Supplemental Activities

In addition to a rigorous traditional education, The School of the Seven Sages also provides on-site instruction for a few choice programs. These programs are compulsory for Kindergarten through 4th grade. Starting with 5th grade, these activities are optional. If a 5th grader or older student chooses to pursue them, they count as an elective. These activities help to develop the whole child. Each has been carefully selected to further develop discipline, coordination, focus, concentration, forethought, balance, and motor skills.


Coach Jordan Page has been teaching and playing chess competitively in the Atlanta area for three years. He currently works as a head coach for a chess group and has his own private students. As a teacher, he enjoys using humor, jokes, and creativity to make connections with kids of all ages. He has a great passion for the game of chess,

and wants to instill that in every child that wants to learn. In tournament chess, Coach Jordan has won many tournaments and has a class "A" rating of over 1800. His ultimate goal is to become a National Master. Outside of chess and teaching. He enjoys The Walking Dead, Texas Holdem, Movies, and most sports.


Read more about the benefits of Chess according to Parent's magazine.



Tumbling info and refrences coming soon.

Tae Kwon Do


TKD info and refrences coming soon.




Childrens yoga info and refrences coming soon.


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