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Established in 2015, the School of the Seven Sages is a hybrid home school that seeks to impart wisdom to the leaders of tomorrow. We receive no federal, state or local money. Other than being restricted by state and federal laws, we are free to assist you in educating your children in the best manner possible - with no hidden agendas, no egos, no corporate influence, and no bureaucratic influence. Simply, we provide the best methods, curricula, teachers, and environment to educate the whole child. We strive to create wise children who will grow to become successful in whatever path they choose regardless of how the society of tomorrow will differ from that of today.


Mission Statement: "With the help of their families, we turn above average children into exceptional leaders."


Business Philosophy:  Return the broad level of education in the USA to levels from whence it has fallen by returning the manner, methods, and curricula used in schools to their classical roots where wisdom is taught and desired over knowledge.

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